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Metal starfish with mother-of-pearl 25x18cm
Metal starfish with mother-of-pearl 25x18cm

Metal starfish with mother-of-pearl 25x18cm

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A metal starfish with mother-of-pearl is a rendition finished with mother-of-pearl. The starfish is mounted on a shelf and serves as a beautiful display piece.

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Metal starfish with mother-of-pearl

A dazzling showpiece that brings the depths of the ocean into your interior is a beautiful starfish crafted from glossy metal and adorned with mother-of-pearl. This artistic creation pays tribute to the beauty of the sea and the wonders of marine life.

The intricately crafted details of the starfish reflect its natural grace and symmetry. The mother-of-pearl applied to the metal structure captures the light in an enchanting way, making it appear as if the starfish glistens like a jewel.

This masterpiece serves not only as a decorative centerpiece but also as a reminder of the stunning world beneath the waves. It evokes a sense of wonder and invites conversation and admiration. A metal starfish with mother-of-pearl is a timeless piece that brings the natural splendor of the sea into your home, leaving a lasting impression.


Mother-of-pearl, also called nacre or Capiz in Filipino, is an oyster-like shell called Placuns Placenta. These shells are commonly known as pearl oysters. The Capiz shell has a light-transmitting character and is often used for windows and lamps in the Philippines. These shells do not belong to protected marine animals, and fishing for them is legal. In addition to their use in windows and lamps, these shells are also widely used in art objects. By keeping the shells moist after catching them, they can be shaped slightly before pouring a resin over them. The shells are composed of various layers lying on top of each other. The thickness of the layers can vary by mollusk group. Real mother-of-pearl can be used as glass for windows, but it is much more fragile. However, it is also much cheaper than glass.


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