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Okra in salted water 400 gr
Okra in salted water 400 gr

Okra in salted water 400 gr

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Okra, also known as ladyfingers, is a vegetable characterized by its elongated shape and a somewhat slimy texture when cooked.

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Okra in salted water

Canned okra in saltwater is a convenient option to enjoy okra throughout the year, especially when fresh okra isn't readily available. The process of canning okra in saltwater helps preserve the vegetable and extend its shelf life. The salty water acts as a preservative, aiding in maintaining the texture and flavor of the okra.

When using canned okra in saltwater, it's important to rinse it thoroughly before preparation. This helps remove excess salt and reduces the sliminess of the okra. After rinsing, you can cook, fry, or incorporate the okra into various dishes such as stews, soups, or stir-fries.

Okra is nutritious, containing vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It can be a valuable addition to a balanced diet, and canning makes it easily available for use in diverse meals.



Okra 50%, water 48%, salt, citric acid


Also known as: Okra in zout water 
Country of origin: England (UK)
Brand: TRS
Code: 5017689094447
Content: 400 gr
Drain Weight: 200 gr 


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