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Tuna Calamansi Flavour 180 gr
Tuna Calamansi Flavour 180 gr

Tuna Calamansi Flavour 180 gr

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Tuna Calamansi style is a festive Filipino specialty made from the freshest tuna and natural herbs.

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Tuna Calamansi Flavour

Century Tuna is one of the largest tuna producers in the Philippines. This tuna consists of tuna pieces in soybean oil with calamansi flavor. Try the many flavors of Century Tuna and enjoy the tuna at its best. A dish with tuna means a nice firm fish on your plate. Canned tuna is delicious in a salad or over the veal of the vitello tonato, but also as a hearty tuna steak. Delicious with tagliatelle and broccoli for example.


Also known as the Calamondin fruit. The plant can reach a height of 2 to 7.5 meters. The leaves are broad-oval and glossy on top. The fruits are round to spherical and up to 5 cm wide. The peel is green and looks a bit like the lime we know, only slightly smaller. The flesh is very juicy and has a sour taste. The fruit is used in many dishes in the Filipino kitchen, especially with various fish dishes. Various soft drinks or fruit juices are also available from the Calamansi fruit.


Tuna is a collective name for various types of fish from the mackerel family. Tuna itself has pink flesh. This is due to the myoglobin in the tuna's muscles. The red muscles give the tuna great stamina. Tuna feeds on herring, mackerel and squid, among others. They occur all year round in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and the Mediterranean. In the spring and summer they migrate northwards and sometimes occur in the North Sea.



Tuna, water, soybean oil, soy sauce (made from fermented soybeans, water, and salt), brown sugar, natural ground herbs (onion powder, garlic, chili), salt, citric acid E330, artificial flavors (beef) and natural flavor (lemon)


Also known as: Century Tuna Calamansi Flavour
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Century
Code: 748485101460
Content:180 gr

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