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Buenas Bagoong Ginisang Spicy 250 gr
Buenas Bagoong Ginisang Spicy 250 gr

Bagoong Ginisang Spicy 250 gr

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Bagoong Spicy is spicy fried shrimp paste. This paste is an ingredient for many Filipino recipes but can also be eaten as a side dish.

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Bagoong Ginisang Spicy

Bagoong Ginisang Spicy is a variant of the popular Filipino condiment Bagoong Ginisang Regular, but with an added spicy kick. It is a fermented shrimp paste known for its intense flavor and spicy herbs.

Like the regular version, Bagoong Ginisang Spicy is made by fermenting small shrimp, known as "alamang" in Tagalog, with salt. The fermentation process typically lasts for several days to weeks, developing the distinct flavor of the shrimp paste.

What sets Bagoong Ginisang Spicy apart is the addition of extra herbs and spices to enhance the spicy taste. This can include chili, garlic, onions, and other spices, depending on the specific brand or recipe.

Bagoong Ginisang Spicy is often used as an ingredient to give dishes a spicy and savory flavor. It can be added to dishes such as adobo (a stewed dish), sinigang (sour soup), and talong (eggplant) to add an extra dimension of flavor.

Similar to the regular variant, Bagoong Ginisang Spicy is usually sold in jars or bottles and can be found in supermarkets and Asian stores in the Philippines and beyond.

Please note that Bagoong Ginisang Spicy, due to its spicy nature, has an additional heat compared to the regular variant. It may challenge the taste buds for those who are not accustomed to spicy food. However, if you enjoy spicy food, this variant is a great choice to add some extra heat to your dishes.

Shrimp pasta

Shrimp pastes have been made in Southeast Asia and South China for centuries. There are, in principle, two forms of shrimp paste. An opaque variant that is also called trassi(e) and a transparent, gelatinous variant that is called Petis Udang in Malay and Indonesian and Bagoong in Filipino.

Production process

The production process of the opaque variant consists of raw shrimp being ground (usually first), after which it is mixed with salt (and sometimes sugar). It is then allowed to ferment for some time. During or after the fermentation period, it is dried in the sun. Most Indonesian and Malaysian shrimp pastes are then compressed into cakes and possibly further dried. With the Chinese and Thai shrimp pastes, the dried cakes are first ground before they are sold. In the transparent variant, finely ground shrimp are first mixed with salt, sugar, and flour, after which it is fermented into a paste. This syrupy, transparent variant is of course not dried.

Both variants can best be stored in a well-sealed jar (glass or PET). Traditional shrimp pastes have a long shelf life due to their high salt content. They can be stored very well at room temperature because they were developed in tropical countries where, for modern times, refrigerators were of course not available.



Shrimp, salt, corn oil, cane sugar, vinegar, chili, garlic.


Also known as: Buenas Bagoong Sauteed Shrimp Paste Spicy
Country of origin: Philippines
Brand: Buenas
Content: 250 gr.

  • Your shopping cart contains products made of glass, please be aware that this is at your own risk.
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