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Marinated Spicy Babysplit Milkfish 450 gr
Marinated Spicy Babysplit Milkfish 450 gr

Marinated Spicy Babysplit Milkfish 450 gr

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Marinated Spicy baby split milkfish from Fisherfarms is an English filleted fish. This fish is already nicely spicy marinated and ready to bake.

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Marinated Spicy Babysplit Milkfish

"Marinated Spicy Babysplit Milkfish" is a product of Fisherfarms, a company based in the Philippines. Fisherfarms specializes in the production and export of fish products, particularly milkfish (bangus). Milkfish is a popular fish species in the Philippines and is often consumed for its delicate flavor and meatiness.

"Marinated Spicy Babysplit Milkfish" refers to a specific preparation of milkfish where the fish is marinated in a spicy sauce. The fish is typically split into small pieces, making it easier to consume.

The marinade for "Marinated Spicy Babysplit Milkfish" may include various ingredients such as herbs, spices, garlic, chili, and other flavorings. This gives the fish a spicy and flavorful twist. Marinating the fish helps infuse the flavors and ensures that the fish remains juicy and tender during cooking or grilling.

This product can be prepared and served in various ways, such as grilling, baking, or frying. It is often served as a main dish with side dishes such as rice, vegetables, or salads.



Milkfish, vinegar, garlic, cayenne powder, red bell pepper, salt, and ground peppercorn.

Caution: product may still contain fish bones


Also known as: Marinated Spicy Babysplit Milkfish, bangus
Country of origin: Philippines
Code: 4806510861263
Content c
a 450 gr. 3 to 4 pcs

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