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Bamboo Shoots Strips 227 gr
Bamboo Shoots Strips 227 gr

Bamboo Shoots Strips 227 gr

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Bamboo shoots strips are crispy strips of boiled bamboo shoots that side and are ready for use. Delicious in an oriental dish

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Bamboo Shoots Strips

These bamboo strips are conserved in water. Use for salads, wok dishes, and oriental snacks. Rinse with water before use.

Bamboo Shoot

The bamboo shoot is the young offshoot of the bamboo plant. Bamboo is a solid type of grass used in Asian countries for many purposes.

Adult bamboo is so strong that it can be used in the construction of houses and boats. Bamboo has a different characteristic in contrast to the grass and reeds that we have here. It can save energy in the roots. The bamboo then waits until the conditions are ideal to grow explosively above the ground. The shoots are used in Asian cuisine.

The bamboo shoots are the crisp, mild-flavored shoots of the plant. They are available pre-cooked, whole, or sliced in vacuum packs. These pre-cooked shoots are crunchy and have a savory sweetness. They are much easier to use than fresh shoots. The fresh shoots must be boiled for at least an hour before use. Canned shoots are not as tasty, and when used should be drained, rinsed and boiled in hot water for 10 minutes beforehand. Store unused shoots in the refrigerator, immersed in water. If you change the water daily, bamboo shoots can be kept for up to 10 days.



Bamboo, water, citric acid E330.


Also know as: bamboe scheuten, pusse de bamboue dans l'eau, Bambus sprossen in wasser
Country of origin: Thailand
Brand: Daily
Code: 8710161329019
Content: 227 gr
Drain Weight: 140 gr

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