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Shinshu Aka Miso Paste 500 gr
Shinshu Aka Miso Paste 500 gr

Shinshu Aka Miso Paste 500 gr

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Shinshu Aka Miso Pasta from Honzukuri is a fermented pasta made from soy beans. The pasta can be used as a seasoning and possibly processed raw in dressings and sauces

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Shinshu Aka Miso Paste

This Pasta is a fermented soybean pasta that can be used as a flavor in various salads, sauces but of course also to make a delicious Miso soup supplemented with Dashi (Japanese fish/algae extract), seaweed leaves and tofu. This pasta has a mild taste and contains 100% natural ingredients. Miso is caused by fermenting soy pasta in combination with rice, the fermentation process is caused by the addition of a specific fungus Koji-Kin. The pasta can be used raw but is also tasty to use in warm dishes. Just don't let the pasta cook for too long as otherwise the taste will be lost. The structure of this miso is smooth, smooth and looks a bit like peanut butter due to its yellow/brown color. The taste is quite salty so be careful when adding the paste and taste the dish regularly. After opening cooled, it has a limited shelf life

Preparation method:

  • Add ingredients for the supply (niboshi, Konu, katsuobushi) and bring to the boil
  • Add other ingredients and let it come back to the boil
  • Add about 55 grams of miso (for three people), bring to the boil and turn off the heat



Soybeans, rice, salt, rice malt.


Also known as: Shinshu Aka Miso Pasta
Country of origin: Japan
Brand: Honzukuri
Code: 8710853065010
Content: 500 gr

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